Price and payments

Price of custom mascot projects will be determined by a personal quote, however you may CLICK HERE to look at the general pricing of our work. Upon reaching an agreement, a 30% non-refundable down payment is due within one week.

The 30% non-refundable down payment covers materials, communication costs and secures your spot in queue. This is only applicable in cases where the client is the cause of cancellation (i.e. Client decides to cancel, client fails to make payments for an extended period, client becomes hostile, etc.) However, if the cause for cancellation is by Art-Kour (i.e. Family emergency and we cannot work), the Client reserves the rights to 100% of their money back.

Payment Plans are available, but they require a minimum of $400/month and must be fulfilled within 6 months. Should there be any delay or an honest emergency on the client’s end, we will extend leniency to the client. If this goes on too long the project will be cancelled.

Should your project be cancelled, any progress made remains in our rights to keep, modify and sell.



We cannot guarantee any completion dates if they are within 6 months of start time. Start time is the date that we are physically able to begin, so if you fail to make your deposit or send a DTD in a timely manner the start time may be delayed. We will keep your desired dates in mind and try our best to meet them.


Free repairs are offered on a case-by-case basis. If you receive the suit and there are issues you notice, do not be afraid to inquire about them. If the issue is determined to be an error by me, I will gladly repair it for free. If the issue is caused my improper care or aged wear-n-tear (over one year old) there may be a fee implemented to fix. Unless we are in proximity to repair in-person (ex. A convention), buyer must cover shipping in all cases.

Clients are urged to learn basic hand sewing to fix minor repairs on their own. Even though these mascots are made with sturdy industrial machinery, they are still hand-crafted art pieces and are subject to human error.

Allergy warning

Art-Kour operates out of a home with pets


Unless an agreement has been made, we reserve all rights to post photos of and advertise with your project. Clients also reserve the rights to use photos posted. In general, we are lenient towards social media sharing of images as long as: credit is provided and it isn’t being used in a for-profit source (i.e. new articles). If you are interested in using any photos off of this site in a for-profit source, please email me for permissions.


We will not work with anyone under the age of 18. If you are found to be under 18 your project will be cancelled immediately. Please do not ask for any exceptions, and we are not interested in working through parents. Thank you.


We are not liable for any injury you may sustain in the wear of our mascots. Our mascots are HOT and the wearer’s vision will be impaired. Please take frequent breaks, drink lots of water and be mindful of your surroundings. If possible, we recommend having a handler to watch over you while performing.