Personal/Non-commercial Illustration

Non-commercial illustration are occasionally made available through personal inquiry. This art is solely produced for the personal satisfaction of the client (i.e. having their own character drawn) and may not be reproduced for sale.

Only the client and I have rights to use this imagery. Clients may have art printed, put on shirts etc. as long as it is for personal use only. I retain all rights to create printed media and use this art for my own advertising.

Commercial Illustration

Commercial Illustration is art commissioned with the intent of reproduction. A contractual agreement will be made between the client and me determining our rights and limitations of usage of the imagery. Commercial illustration will either usually be sold at a higher rate than Personal Illustration, or a percentage of the profits will be required. Unless another agreement has been met, I retain rights to use the imagery in my portfolio.

Some examples of Commercial Illustration include:

  • Children’s Book Art

  • Cover Art

  • Art included in any for-profit media source


If you are interested in getting work from me, you can email me through the provided website contact form. Please give be a brief summary of what you are looking for, and I will get back to you as soon as time permits.

Personal illustrations are currently extremely limited.

All Commercial work will be considered, but if I do not feel comfortable with the job I will kindly reject you.

I retain the right to reject any work that I do not see fit for myself.


Price of custom illustration projects will be determined by a personal quote. Upon reaching an agreement, a 100% of the payment is due in advanced.